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The Brain-Computer Interface Designers Hachathon



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Anouk Wipprecht


Inspired by the unique “Agent Unicorn” headpiece from Fashion-Technology-Artist Anouk Wipprecht (Read the interview with Anouk on our g.tec blog), this hackathon challenges young geeks to design and build a unique, playful and wearable headpiece which is able to measure useful EEG signals in real-time to create any sort of interaction. With the intended purpose in mind, the teams plan and produce their own fully functional headpiece. 3D printers are on-site, so the teams will be able to give their headpieces an individual design that fits on participants’ head.

The goal of this hackathon is to bring people of different professions together, such as engineers, programmers or graphic designers. As an interdisciplinary team, they learn from each other and merge well established hardware and software in order to create a new, innovative and exceptional idea. The participation only requires basic knowledge in Brain-Computer Interfaces, machine learning, programming, signal processing or designing.

Agent Unicorn. photo by Marije Dijkema
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Ars Elec­tro­nica Festival 2017

AEC LogoArs Electronica Center
Linz, Austria

Your Brain on Art      

BANFF Centre LogoHotel Balneario Las Arenas Valencia, Spain

BCI Conference 2017

Graz BCI LogoInstitute of Neural Engineering
Graz, Austria

IEEE SMC Con­fe­rence 2017

BANFF Centre LogoBanff Centre for Arts and Creativity Banff, Canada